The American Composers Forum has published a feature on Danielle and her music in this month's newsletter.

"Fresh-faced young wannabe composers arriving at college are told in Composing 101: find your voice. Refine it down. Success means choosing a niche and painstakingly carving it out of the musical landscape bit by bit, like Andy Dufresne’s prison-cell wall inThe Shawshank Redemption, until you have your own tiny, specialised musical hidey-hole from which you can create your art.

2013 JFund recipient Danielle Schwob must have missed class that first day way back when, as she hasn’t so much as carved out a niche for herself as taken to the wall with a pickaxe and some dynamite, blowing a creative space for herself so big that you could drive a truck through it. The young, UK-born composer does pretty much everything: pop songs, rock, film scores, avant-garde electronica, concert music, broadway shows… nothing seems to be off the table for the dynamic Schwob.